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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Vagaries of Life.

Each year of my life was a special one for me........because each year I learned some thing new.......about life, about people and about the way the world is , Its like I'm being performance turned now ..........with blows from some ends...with enchantment of my own.....without tying the loose ends and gathering the loose bits and pieces......
Well these 25 years were just superb and the coming ones will be even better, with Maaji, Papa, Bhai and Dee who know only to love. They are the ones who have supported me till date.With friends who just like me the way I'm, though there were cases of unmatched frequencies of thoughts with some and they stopped talking to me.....but still I do remember them often. When I look back at my childhood I realize that a woman paints the child's experiences in her own fantasy. I had a childhood full of joys and sorrows which have lost their touch with time. Many incidents of vital importance have been forgotten in the excitement of great discoveries. This never ending quest of new discoveries has turned me into a very inquisitive and argumentative kind of a person. From the very start I wanted to know the reason for every occurrence around me. I rarely spoke without any reason. Speech was never a medium to express my self or what I thought. The incidents in the 15th year of my life were responsible for the sudden awakening of my soul, after which my desire to express grew and from that day I haven't looked back. As I started expressing my views I came to have a better understanding of people and this world. My thinking evolved gradually as I met more and more people. It turned me into a more imaginative and ambitious person. I grew up in an environment which was full of love, peace and freedom. I was never forced into anything that I didn't want to do. All decisions were mine and I regret none of them. My ideas had been vague from the very start and later as my knowledge grew I turned into a more practical creature but frankly I still think a bit superficially. I studied various subjects but was always fascinated by reasons more than numbers. (That is why I guess I've good analytical capability). The most amazing thing in these years has been that the best time of my life has been the worst time too.... or.... should I say the worst time was the best time I had and that was in the last years of my school life. I experienced zenith and nadir in the same period of my life. This was the phase in which for the first time in life joy deserted my heart and for a long time I lived in doubt, anxiety and fear. Books lost their relevance for me. It was a difficult phase to come through but eventually I came through it with a totally new and more positive prospective. I have missed many opportunities in life and have learned my lessons the hard way which made me tenacious and careful.I'm glad that all this happened to me making me better with each stroke. The college was just a polishing institute to know the reasons practically but it turned out to be the other way round and made me a better human being rather than a good engineer and yes I owe many other things to my college. The people I have met so far made a huge difference in my life, would I have been able to enrich this writeup with their names it would have been difficult to complete it. Some are close to me and many others while others are totally unknown, but their influence shall live immortally in the lives of many like me that they sweetened and touched.                
Thanks to you all.         

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Power of our mind...........living for a purpose.

Our mind is very powerful which governs us and the first thing that it generates is a thought. A thought that can come into any bodies mind. We all think and connect to each other. Like I’m thinking something here and that thought is manifested in somebody else, in some other place. Distance makes no difference. The thought goes and reaches the other man, and he understands it. If the mind were to be isolated than this wouldn’t have happened in the first place.  My thought is not reaching you directly, but it is getting dissolved with the ethereal vibrations entering your brain and they have to be resolved again onto your own thought. I dissolute the thought and there is resolution of thought.

The world is one of influence. We try to influence people through our bodies, virtues, intellect and spirituality and vice versa. For example a man comes who is well learned, has a beautiful language and speaks to you for hours but does not make an impression and on the other hand their comes another man who speaks a few words, not well arranged with grammatical mistakes but leaves an impression. This happens a lot of time and all of us have experienced this. So it is evident that words alone cannot always produce an impression, there are other contributing factors. Words and thoughts contribute a small part in making an impression, other parts being the man himself and the persona of the character, these all taken together makes an impression. All the great leaders in the past had all these things. How many thoughts have they thought? And may be we still are thinking the same thoughts. The real thoughts, new and genuine that have been thought in this world up to this time, amount to only a handful. The people before us have left us their thoughts in their writings or in those ethereal vibrations. They have left us their thoughts but they might not be so influential. Why?  The reason I can thought of is that the personality has gone now. The words and thoughts contribute only a small part may be one-third and the two-third being contributed by the personality of the man that runs through someone to make an impression. There is no use polishing the outside of the lamp shade when the light bulb inside does not work. In the same way there is no use making one spread the inner light to the world outside, when there is no inner enlightenment. The man of influence put upon anything can make it work. The problem being that these kinds of men are hard to find. But we can make ourselves like this, by fine tuning our own personalities. Try to make difference to the life, take out the ideas from your intellect, don’t just touch life, live it and feel it and make the best out of it. Fine tune it to leave an example for generations to come. Don’t wait for an example to be set, be an example yourself. Don’t consider yourself weak, if you do so then think about this that every weak thing contributes to every strong thing. For example a brick is considered not that strong but it can hurt you or when put in a building can protect from the extreme weather. We may be on the thicker side of intellect right now but keep tapering the rough edges to make it finer and finer to be the finest.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

There is only this: Pure Silence.

To be a good speaker one has to be a very good listener. As their is a famous quote " Think before you speak" and one can only speak about the things that one learns from the people with whom we interact, the humans we meet. The only reason that we humans are surviving with such vast numbers is that we help each other to survive and that is why we are called the social race. We use verbal language to communicate and that is what makes our thoughts come out. That is the way we express ourselves. This way of communicating through speech is found in us only at such an advanced stage.
On an average we meet hundreds of people and not particularly in the sense that we interact with them all, it includes the people around us to whom we may have glanced during the day. There are very few good listeners in our society, when we hear someone, immediately some ideas or curious questions arises in our mind and then we want to query and this is where we stop listening to a person and now we want our queries to be answered without knowing that they might be answered once the speaker finishes. The more we listen the more we learn. Our mind is educated, smashed and programmed to think that way. The human evolution is the result of these never ending questions, as we tried to solve every mystery of life.
Our brain is curious to know, but one could learn more quickly if we hold back our questions for the time when someone is speaking. The questions can be answered later. Generally these things happen when we interact one on one with someone. The curiosity is crushed when we are being publicly addressed as masses. The human mind always asks questions and its hard to answer all of them Sometimes its hard to answer all the questions that arouses from within you. So their is only one thing that prevails...................................... pure silence.              

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Into the heaven of freedom : India

Today we celebrate the Independence day of this great nation of ours. On this occasion I feel proud and extend my greetings to my fellow citizens and pray for peace, progress and prosperity. 63 years ago on this very day at the stroke of midnight we attained freedom from colonial rule and we became masters of our own destiny marking the end of the struggle for home rule and I take this moment to bow to all those who gave their lives to give us this today, an Independent India. Since then 6 decades have gone by and I can assure all you pure souls up their that we have just moved forward as a whole nation on the path of building a strong, united and prosperous India.
All in all the time has been momentous for us, despite the internal and external forces trying to tear this nation apart, we've been holding strong and have kept the flame of democracy alive. India is today looked upon as the largest and most vibrant democracy in the world. In recent years India has been well known the world over for adapting a more liberal and modern approach to life keeping our invaluable cultural and traditional values intact. We are a huge country and I know that we are a long way from eradicating our problems of poverty, illiteracy and health issues, but we can work collectively, then only these problems can be dealt with and also this will make us realize what a strength we are.We are a symbol of strength and resilience which comes from the unity of our diverse culture, languages and religions. We are provided with stability in the form of Indian constitution which not only provides us fundamental rights and freedoms but also lay down fundamental duties. Often we are vocal about our rights but we often tend to forget our other duties, towards the country, society and family of which we can ignore none and at the same time we must act responsibly to make this nations of ours rise above all. Great nations are built with the contribution and hard work of one and all. So do your bit. Proud to be an Indian.

JAI HIND.       

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Break ups and Patch ups........................................

I thought of writing about break-ups and patch-ups as two of my very good friends often breakup and later patch up to again breakup to patchup again. I know its hard to swallow, the same is the case with me so I thought about it and tried to find out.
Breakups as they sound not only breaks up the relationships but they often break up the person.After a breakup one either moves in life or gets back together again, but most people move without knowing why they moved on and a few would get back together, but unfortunately many will suffer for a long time because of the heartbreak. My friends belong to the elite group of people who get back together.Breakup brings the phase in which one is vulnerable to depression, and both parties suffer unless the breakup is mutual. Its the time when one feels sorrow and anger and takes life changing decisions and the decisions taken in this state are never rational. This state of sorrow and anger is due to the fact that  when breakup happens one feels he/she is not going to find true love again.(So do try atleast once to win back your love) Its always hard to go through the pain of breakup, its a state of loneliness, depression and desperation. The things that are hardest to get are usually the most wanted and your love wants to make you realize how hard he/she is to get, despite knowing that the pain of a breakup is only going to tear them apart and no one else. So I came to the conclusion that my beautiful friends deeply love each other that is the reason why they patchup again and again. Each of them cannot see other in the state of sorrow and anger , in pain and depression. There are conflicts in relationships because each one of us see things differently. Most people who have true affair are not self centered, cold hearted or cheaters. 
People generally realize after breakup that what a big mistake they have committed. Overwhelmed, they are stuck, unable to make decisions yet want the best for those they love. The need is to take an in - depth look into their relationship, assess its strengths and weaknesses and determine personal preferences, needs and future directions so that a breakup may not happen ever again or for that matter may not happen in the first place.
No matter what happens in life, not only does something valuable comes out of it but its just what you need.So keep enjoying your break-ups and patch ups.        

Friday, May 14, 2010

Pure Instincts

They say that the way you can feel yourself nobody else can and I would say after being all around Himachal, the place where I touched myself was Kasol. The first things that welcomes you to the day is the sound of the parvati river flowing beside your room and the morning mist anyone can touch oneself.It feels like heaven.The parvati flowing in the hills covered with pine and deodar forests is just an amazing scenic view and if you are boozed and high than the feeling is just out of this world. This place helps me to relax into a receptive state of consciousness and perform the divination process in the most effective way. The loneliness, solitude and peace helps me frame questions to myself from which people generally runaway, like ' What is the underlying reason why I'm having such a difficult time in life?' 
After framing the question I empty all my previous thoughts and as always is open to a new perspective of thoughts to sought out the problem. I realized that a flood of  insights may be evoked even by a single word or phrase. Any event or anything at all can support different meanings depending upon the context of an event and its level of relationship to you. The insight helped me to examine not only my own life but rather on the whole human condition and that how difficult it is to survive in this society with its corruption and violence. It is thus important to be self aware. One cannot know oneself, expect in relationship. Anger, envy, lust all such reactions exist only in one's relationship, and relationship can be with any one may it be people, things or with ideas. I generally relate to my ideas. If their is complete isolation, no relationship at all, one cannot know oneself. The mind can isolate itself thinking that it is somebody but its a state of unbalance and its hard to know oneself in this state. Because relationships are painful we want to isolate ourselves from this pain and in this isolating process we create the ideal of what we should be, which is imaginary, an invention of the unbalanced mind. We are first and foremost human beings.Each one of us is like the rest of the humanity and not different. Sometimes the place brings out the best in you and that was the case with me when i visited kasol this time.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Loneliness of my soul............................

A man is known by the company he keeps they say. If it is so, then everyone is bound to have their baggage of loneliness with them as companions. Loneliness is not something that doesn't exist at all but it is something that is always there no matter who you are. Every human being feels lonely in his life at some point or the other and I guess I’m going through it right now. In my entire life I haven’t felt so lonely, but its natural to have such feelings, because that's what distinguishes us and makes us human and that is why we are as we are. If we shed some light on why we feel aloof or lonely at times, we would be very much astonished or even probably surprised by the results. We ourselves are responsible for our self-defined gloominess. This is because at times we really feel that we are uncared for or feel someone doesn't understand us. But in my case I feel that sometimes I over analyze real life situations as I’m a little more analytical then average and have this growing sense of self pity inside me. This feeling always gives me thoughts which gives me the feeling of receiving the wrong end of the stick in life always no matter what I do. The truth might not always be true if I touch my heart and see deeply into the matter. Its just that my expectations in life and from people around me or circumstances that I face, have got the better of me.
I just thought about it and got to the conclusion that  expectation is the silent killer which murders millions of mushy and time tested relationships. If there would have been no expectations from anyone, the world would have been a much better place to be. If there would have been no expectations, not many people would have had an aching heart and a life long grouse against anyone they relate to or more precisely someone they love or care about. If it wouldn't have been for unreasonable expectations not many relationships would have been spoiled and their wouldn’t have been any grievances. And I realized that when you give something, don't expect anything in return. When our mother gave birth to us, she never expected that we will give birth to her. She just fulfilled her desire to raise a family and live for them. In the same way, let our actions make us live for our self and let not expectation screw up the major portion of our lives. Let us have the freedom and will power to express our love, affection and eagerness for people whenever we feel. Let us not restrict our freedom of expression just because he or she is not responding the way we want them to.

All in all I realized that a little bit of loneliness is good for self analysis to keep a check over our actions. Introspection always make you communicate with the inner self. But too much of introspection can make you scale the altitude of self pity whose decent would be hard to cope up as I’m finding it right now.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

I'm loosing my friends

Recent events in my life have thrust me into evaluating what the word friend means to me.  I’ve had few friends in my life. The word friend is totally different from the friendly acquaintance. The friendly acquaintances are those who know something about us and litter our lives with phrases like “How are you today?” or “How is the weather today?”  They are nice to be around but cannot fulfill a place of a friend. I realize that some friends in our life are for reason and others for a season. Some of our best friends come from the animal kingdom especially dogs.
A friend is a hard word to define just like love and varies from person to person. According to me a friend is one who honor’s you and likewise you honor him. A friend should have your back even when you aren’t looking and would never know. He/she should know the strengths and weaknesses and help you when one or the other becomes out of balance. When you fuckup big time, a friend, without making excuses for you or helping you point a finger in different directions helps you through it. A friend is one who was there when you first got drunk. He/she was there to hear all about your first crush. I’ve been blessed with very few but good friends, whom I don’t see or talk to very often but they are all unique and important in their own way,. Have I been a real friend that I could have been, I doubt it, but I aspire to be one.
True friendship is hard work. Both have to put in the effort to keep it thriving but it’s worth it. Friends are people you are most comfortable with. They are loyal to the bone and they long ago earned your trust with their constant support and understanding. I know people who are everyone’s friend. I am a friendly acquaintance to everyone I meet, but I have few people who are close to me. Recently may be one less. So I’m trying to figure it out, may be its my definition of friendship, may be I expect too much……………..but I cannot lower the bar, no matter if I’m lonely one day with just friendly acquaintances around me.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A matter of great concern!

Shaheed Bhagat Singh’s towering 18-feet bronze statue in the Parliament looked lonely today, with just one MP turning up to pay floral tributes at it on the occasion of Martyrs’ Day. The Parliament gave them a miss. No official commemoration of the same was held and no intimation published in the bulletin for parliamentarians.And all this happened on the day when Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh, lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar, BJP leader L K Adwani, Sushma Swaraj visited the parliament house to pay homage to Mr Ram Manohar Lohia on his birth anniversary. On Lohia's portrait which hangs in the same place where on 8th April 1929 Bhagat Singh and Batukeshwar Dutt threw bomb to make deaf Britishers listen to their demand of complete independence (pooran sawaraj), the visiting dignitaries offered flowers to Lohia's portrait while the Bhagat singh's statue just yards away got flowers from only one dignitary visitor our Sports Minister Mr. M S Gill. This is a matter of great concern and shame that our leaders has forgotten the heroes of our history who kissed the gallows with ease and our leaders today are just money and power hungry. Do they really deserve to be our leaders? Have we got the right group of people to take India forward? Are we represented by the right people.


Only the mighty dares................


BHAGAT SINGH                                                                                                                SUKHDEV 
Today is the death anniversary of three of the most heroic figures of the Indian freedom struggle.
Few people remember it though. The Free Press Journal in its issue of 24th march 1931 wrote “Sardar Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev live no longer. In their death lies their victory, let there be no mistaking it. The bureaucracy has annihilated the mortal frame. The nation has assimilated the immortal spirit. Thus shall Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev live eternally to the dismay of the bureaucracy……… To the nation, Bhagat Singh and colleagues will ever remain the symbol of martyrdom in the cause of freedom.”
The most famous of them was Bhagat Singh, today I think more people relate to Bhagat than Gandhi. Bhagat Singh was born in a Sikh family in village Banga in Layalpur District of Punjab(Now in Pakistan) on September 27th , 1907. He was the third son of Sardar   Kishan Singh & Vidyavati. His father Sardar Kishan Singh and Uncle Ajit Singh were members of the GHADAR PARTY. So patriotism flowed in his vanes from childhood.

(From left) Bhagat Singh's father Kishan Singh; grandfather Sardar Arjun Singh; and uncle Ajit Singh who was involved with the Ghadar movement and exiled from India for 40 years.

In 1919, when Jaliawala massacre took place Bhagat Singh was only 12 & the massacre had disturbed him deeply and also it strengthened his resolve to drive the Britishers out of India. In response to the Gandhi’s call to participate in the Non Cooperation movement in 1920-21 he left his school and actively participated in the movement in 1922. But when Gandhi withdrew the Non Cooperative movement on Feb 22nd ,1922 due to a mob of people who at chauri-chaura (near Gorakhpur) clashed with police and burnt 22 policemen on Feb. 5th, 1922(CHAURI - CHAURA INCIDENT), weakened Bhagat’s belief in Non – violence and he came to the conclusion that armed revolution was the only way of gaining freedom. Then he joined the National Collage in Lahore which was then the hub for revolutionary activities and there he came into contact with revolutionaries such as Bhagawati Charan, Sukhdev and others.
In October, 1924 a meeting of revolutionaries from all parts of India was called at Kanpur. The meeting was attended by old revolutionary leaders like Sachindra Nath Sanyal, Jogesh Chandra Chatterjee and Ram Prasad Bismil and some young revolutionaries like Bhagat Singh, Shiv Verma, Sukhdev, Bhagawati charan Vohra and Chandrashekhar Azad.  They setup HINDUSTAN SOCIALIST REPUBLIC ASSOCIATION/ARMY (HSRA). Their objectives were:
·         To raise the consciousness of people against the futility of Gandhian movement of non – violence
·         To perform direct action and revolution to attain complete independence (pooran sawaraj).
·         To setup a republic of the United States Of India on the federal structure.
They carried out a dacoity on the Kakori bound train on the Saharanpur – Lucknow railway line on Aug 9th, 1925. The conspirators were later arrested and hanged (Ram Prasad Bismil, Ashfaqulla, Roshan Lal and Rajendra Lahiri). On December 17th, 1928 Bhagat Singh with his colleagues shot dead Saunders (Asstt.S.P. of Lahore, who ordered lathi charge at a rally which was headed by lala Lajpat Rai). Then Bhagat Singh and Batukeshwar Dutt threw a bomb in the central assembly on April 8th, 1929. Thus a case was registered against Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru and was popularly known as the LAHORE CONSPIRACY CASE. They were trilled for two years and were found guilty thus were hanged on March 23rd, 1931 at Lahore jail and their bodies were cremated at Hussainiwala near ferozpur.   
Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev acquired the status of living legends even in their brief lifetime. This is confirmed by the fact that the Britishers clandestinely advanced the hanging of the three Martyr’s fearing the public outrage. But they never bowed to anything that the Britishers threw at the brave men in the two years of imprisonment. They didn’t walked, but marched to death with smile. When hangman asked them to pray before death they said “ We have neither fear of death nor belief in God”. In terms of political belief, while firmly abjuring ‘the cult of the bomb and the pistol’, as Bhagat  Singh himself notes, they chose to throw the bomb at the assembly and murder Saunders with a pistol under a firm belief that these actions will galvanize the youth to seek freedom.
The loss of these martyrs’s is one of the greatest tragedies the people of India ever faced. It’s the nature of colonialism and imperialism to cause such tragedies. But the people do avenge these crimes by yet more ferocious struggles against imperialism, if not today, then tomorrow. Our task is to keep the memories of our martyrs fresh and by doing so we prepare the victories of tomorrow

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The daily routine......................

The new generation is gearing up

early morning gym
getting ready 
at the office
 it was a hectic day at office.

Friday, February 5, 2010

My Idea Of Life!!!!!

 In today’s world most of the people find life very dull. A routine is set going which we follow year after year almost until our death. It doesn’t matter whether we are rich or poor but our lives are shallow and empty for the most part of our life. So most of us being aware of this emptiness within, try to fill it through knowledge or through some kind of activity that develops to our daily routine and to which we stick for rest of our life.
Our daily life is an endless cycle of sorrow and pleasure, a variety of experiences without much significance or should I say meaningless repetition of the same experiences day after day. Life is an endless conflict – from the moment we are born to the moment we die. The boredom, anxiety, misery of existence, the feeling of not being loved, the shallowness, the hard work of everyday existence-----that is our life. What we want from life is peace, a sense of certainty, a sense of security and to achieve this we seek jobs and get stuck into a boring routine. This gives us a pattern that we follow daily to live life in the safest way possible, of course differentiating from person to person. Thus we are deprived from exploring this beautiful world around us. The reason we stick to our routines is the fact that we are seeking social security. We commit ourselves to a certain cause, certain way of thinking, to certain customs, habits and rituals and thus feel safe in this hostile world despite knowing the fact that no one is here to live forever. Committing to a particular way of thinking, a particular form of existence, we identify ourselves in a group, a particular community thus feeling safe in our self made cocoon and knowing that this cocoon will be impossible to make in a totally new environment. Thus we hesitate to explore the unknown.
                       A human brain has vast potential and by sticking to one kind of environment it is being brutalized, beaten and shaped, so it keeps itself tight in a corner and life goes by. I don’t know if you have seen a man who has spent 30 or 40 years of his life going everyday to office! Look at his mind! He cannot function in any other way. Like a doctor who specializes in a particular disease – his heaven will be that disease and after 30 or 40 years following the same routine his mind has worn out, it’s not fresh, it’s not young so it makes him dull, stupid and incapable of facing challenges in life. So from beginning to the end a mind has to understand this immense problem of struggle trying to become something endlessly.
The ultimate secret of life is to have more things to do than to stick to one thing or to have more number of beginnings then endings.
So friends please try to..........................................................

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Today India is 60 Years Old.

I'm proud and privileged to have been born in this great country that is marbled in history and shaped by the ecstasy of achievement and anguish of war.Its air evokes the history of cultures, especially those which have been enriched, ripened and mellowed by experience, whether of joy or of pain
India has come a long way since its independence but 60 years is hardly a long time in the history of a nation.But , of course, its long enough to know to which direction a nation is heading and that is up to the people of this great nation to decide whether its going up or down, whether its going to pieces or its holding.
As far as i think in last 60 years India has shown that it has the capacity to hold, the capacity to grow, the resilience to face the most turbulent storms and still steady itself within the shortest possible time.The independent India had not had a smooth sailing on the whole, but we are steady and self-sufficient. Our progress has been hampered by many events, many forces, within and outside, but remarkably the resultant motion forward has been quite ultimate and that is what gives hope to us the people of India that India is a great nation.We can look back and take satisfaction at many achievements of the Indian people, sometimes overcoming serious odds.And, I'm not disregarding many of our people's failures in this process.And here i dare to say that the future of India is bright but the way for india will never be smooth.
It's been 60 years today that our democracy remains not only intact,but a vibrant and proven force in our existence. India remains a secular state while respecting fully all the religions of the country and that is one of the other aspects that makes this nation of ours great.A country as big as India (seventh largest in the world) and holding the second largest population of the world which is multi-religious, multi-lingual and is also multiplying, the problems are daunting for such a country.Each passing day means so many more mouths to fed,hands to be employed, minds to be educated, bodies to be clothed, housed and given health care.This means that to meet the challenge of an alert and skilled population which inches towards the 1.5 billion mark.Thus to satisfy this huge chunk of people new policies and innovative methods to use our resources skillfully will be needed and such satisfaction can come only if people concerned feel that they are participants all along the line - from formulation,implementation and fruition.There is one thing that can be said about India without any second thoughts and that is, that India is changing; and changing faster than ever before and what is important is that its changing to her own likes, we are changing in the various departments of our life on our own terms.
So people please work together to realize the vision that our practice of democracy have made possible over the past 60 years to make this great nation even more greater.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Indian Armed Forces Soul (Service,Selflessness,Courage)

The men and women who lay their lives down in our defense are truly a source of inspiration for all of us.These personals are towering pillars of resilience,loyalty,love,strength,courage and friendship who scale extraordinary heights unknown to us all.They teaches us that how can we,like them, overcome any situation,any battle - emotional or physical and also that how you can stretch your boundaries - and know that there are no boundaries.
The armed forces personals has a very profound sense of loyalty,an unqualified selflessness,a great valour and discipline, a sense of great courtesy and kindness.Their concerns are essential,worries profound and struggles intense.Split second decisions are made that could mean the difference between life and death.Body and spirit, both have to be trained and honed.
Our serving personals have stretched their boundaries and redefined their own capabilities much before they have seen real action.The armed forces are truly a one million plus family. They give and draw from each other what we would normally expect only from close family members: support,care and presence. Be it in life's trying time or in life's happier moments. They celebrate achievements and mourns tragedy shoulder to shoulder.There are numerous stories of spouses,parents,siblings,children of those who have served, and how they have created and maintained a strong web of love and support.There are battles not just with opposing forces but with the nature too - in the minus 40 degree Celsius chill of the mountains, in the 50 plus heat of the deserts.I salute their courage and determination in the line of duty.