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Thursday, September 2, 2010

There is only this: Pure Silence.

To be a good speaker one has to be a very good listener. As their is a famous quote " Think before you speak" and one can only speak about the things that one learns from the people with whom we interact, the humans we meet. The only reason that we humans are surviving with such vast numbers is that we help each other to survive and that is why we are called the social race. We use verbal language to communicate and that is what makes our thoughts come out. That is the way we express ourselves. This way of communicating through speech is found in us only at such an advanced stage.
On an average we meet hundreds of people and not particularly in the sense that we interact with them all, it includes the people around us to whom we may have glanced during the day. There are very few good listeners in our society, when we hear someone, immediately some ideas or curious questions arises in our mind and then we want to query and this is where we stop listening to a person and now we want our queries to be answered without knowing that they might be answered once the speaker finishes. The more we listen the more we learn. Our mind is educated, smashed and programmed to think that way. The human evolution is the result of these never ending questions, as we tried to solve every mystery of life.
Our brain is curious to know, but one could learn more quickly if we hold back our questions for the time when someone is speaking. The questions can be answered later. Generally these things happen when we interact one on one with someone. The curiosity is crushed when we are being publicly addressed as masses. The human mind always asks questions and its hard to answer all of them Sometimes its hard to answer all the questions that arouses from within you. So their is only one thing that prevails...................................... pure silence.