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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The daily routine......................

The new generation is gearing up

early morning gym
getting ready 
at the office
 it was a hectic day at office.

Friday, February 5, 2010

My Idea Of Life!!!!!

 In today’s world most of the people find life very dull. A routine is set going which we follow year after year almost until our death. It doesn’t matter whether we are rich or poor but our lives are shallow and empty for the most part of our life. So most of us being aware of this emptiness within, try to fill it through knowledge or through some kind of activity that develops to our daily routine and to which we stick for rest of our life.
Our daily life is an endless cycle of sorrow and pleasure, a variety of experiences without much significance or should I say meaningless repetition of the same experiences day after day. Life is an endless conflict – from the moment we are born to the moment we die. The boredom, anxiety, misery of existence, the feeling of not being loved, the shallowness, the hard work of everyday existence-----that is our life. What we want from life is peace, a sense of certainty, a sense of security and to achieve this we seek jobs and get stuck into a boring routine. This gives us a pattern that we follow daily to live life in the safest way possible, of course differentiating from person to person. Thus we are deprived from exploring this beautiful world around us. The reason we stick to our routines is the fact that we are seeking social security. We commit ourselves to a certain cause, certain way of thinking, to certain customs, habits and rituals and thus feel safe in this hostile world despite knowing the fact that no one is here to live forever. Committing to a particular way of thinking, a particular form of existence, we identify ourselves in a group, a particular community thus feeling safe in our self made cocoon and knowing that this cocoon will be impossible to make in a totally new environment. Thus we hesitate to explore the unknown.
                       A human brain has vast potential and by sticking to one kind of environment it is being brutalized, beaten and shaped, so it keeps itself tight in a corner and life goes by. I don’t know if you have seen a man who has spent 30 or 40 years of his life going everyday to office! Look at his mind! He cannot function in any other way. Like a doctor who specializes in a particular disease – his heaven will be that disease and after 30 or 40 years following the same routine his mind has worn out, it’s not fresh, it’s not young so it makes him dull, stupid and incapable of facing challenges in life. So from beginning to the end a mind has to understand this immense problem of struggle trying to become something endlessly.
The ultimate secret of life is to have more things to do than to stick to one thing or to have more number of beginnings then endings.
So friends please try to..........................................................