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Friday, May 14, 2010

Pure Instincts

They say that the way you can feel yourself nobody else can and I would say after being all around Himachal, the place where I touched myself was Kasol. The first things that welcomes you to the day is the sound of the parvati river flowing beside your room and the morning mist anyone can touch oneself.It feels like heaven.The parvati flowing in the hills covered with pine and deodar forests is just an amazing scenic view and if you are boozed and high than the feeling is just out of this world. This place helps me to relax into a receptive state of consciousness and perform the divination process in the most effective way. The loneliness, solitude and peace helps me frame questions to myself from which people generally runaway, like ' What is the underlying reason why I'm having such a difficult time in life?' 
After framing the question I empty all my previous thoughts and as always is open to a new perspective of thoughts to sought out the problem. I realized that a flood of  insights may be evoked even by a single word or phrase. Any event or anything at all can support different meanings depending upon the context of an event and its level of relationship to you. The insight helped me to examine not only my own life but rather on the whole human condition and that how difficult it is to survive in this society with its corruption and violence. It is thus important to be self aware. One cannot know oneself, expect in relationship. Anger, envy, lust all such reactions exist only in one's relationship, and relationship can be with any one may it be people, things or with ideas. I generally relate to my ideas. If their is complete isolation, no relationship at all, one cannot know oneself. The mind can isolate itself thinking that it is somebody but its a state of unbalance and its hard to know oneself in this state. Because relationships are painful we want to isolate ourselves from this pain and in this isolating process we create the ideal of what we should be, which is imaginary, an invention of the unbalanced mind. We are first and foremost human beings.Each one of us is like the rest of the humanity and not different. Sometimes the place brings out the best in you and that was the case with me when i visited kasol this time.


  1. I totally agree with you Buks this time it was something out of the world experience n the way you describe it is always amazing........

  2. nice blog!!...
    i like ur writings:0
    kinda philosophy :D

  3. Thanks sakhi
    but i feel being a Sagittarian philosophy comes naturally to me