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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Indian Armed Forces Soul (Service,Selflessness,Courage)

The men and women who lay their lives down in our defense are truly a source of inspiration for all of us.These personals are towering pillars of resilience,loyalty,love,strength,courage and friendship who scale extraordinary heights unknown to us all.They teaches us that how can we,like them, overcome any situation,any battle - emotional or physical and also that how you can stretch your boundaries - and know that there are no boundaries.
The armed forces personals has a very profound sense of loyalty,an unqualified selflessness,a great valour and discipline, a sense of great courtesy and kindness.Their concerns are essential,worries profound and struggles intense.Split second decisions are made that could mean the difference between life and death.Body and spirit, both have to be trained and honed.
Our serving personals have stretched their boundaries and redefined their own capabilities much before they have seen real action.The armed forces are truly a one million plus family. They give and draw from each other what we would normally expect only from close family members: support,care and presence. Be it in life's trying time or in life's happier moments. They celebrate achievements and mourns tragedy shoulder to shoulder.There are numerous stories of spouses,parents,siblings,children of those who have served, and how they have created and maintained a strong web of love and support.There are battles not just with opposing forces but with the nature too - in the minus 40 degree Celsius chill of the mountains, in the 50 plus heat of the deserts.I salute their courage and determination in the line of duty.

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