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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Break ups and Patch ups........................................

I thought of writing about break-ups and patch-ups as two of my very good friends often breakup and later patch up to again breakup to patchup again. I know its hard to swallow, the same is the case with me so I thought about it and tried to find out.
Breakups as they sound not only breaks up the relationships but they often break up the person.After a breakup one either moves in life or gets back together again, but most people move without knowing why they moved on and a few would get back together, but unfortunately many will suffer for a long time because of the heartbreak. My friends belong to the elite group of people who get back together.Breakup brings the phase in which one is vulnerable to depression, and both parties suffer unless the breakup is mutual. Its the time when one feels sorrow and anger and takes life changing decisions and the decisions taken in this state are never rational. This state of sorrow and anger is due to the fact that  when breakup happens one feels he/she is not going to find true love again.(So do try atleast once to win back your love) Its always hard to go through the pain of breakup, its a state of loneliness, depression and desperation. The things that are hardest to get are usually the most wanted and your love wants to make you realize how hard he/she is to get, despite knowing that the pain of a breakup is only going to tear them apart and no one else. So I came to the conclusion that my beautiful friends deeply love each other that is the reason why they patchup again and again. Each of them cannot see other in the state of sorrow and anger , in pain and depression. There are conflicts in relationships because each one of us see things differently. Most people who have true affair are not self centered, cold hearted or cheaters. 
People generally realize after breakup that what a big mistake they have committed. Overwhelmed, they are stuck, unable to make decisions yet want the best for those they love. The need is to take an in - depth look into their relationship, assess its strengths and weaknesses and determine personal preferences, needs and future directions so that a breakup may not happen ever again or for that matter may not happen in the first place.
No matter what happens in life, not only does something valuable comes out of it but its just what you need.So keep enjoying your break-ups and patch ups.