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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Power of our mind...........living for a purpose.

Our mind is very powerful which governs us and the first thing that it generates is a thought. A thought that can come into any bodies mind. We all think and connect to each other. Like I’m thinking something here and that thought is manifested in somebody else, in some other place. Distance makes no difference. The thought goes and reaches the other man, and he understands it. If the mind were to be isolated than this wouldn’t have happened in the first place.  My thought is not reaching you directly, but it is getting dissolved with the ethereal vibrations entering your brain and they have to be resolved again onto your own thought. I dissolute the thought and there is resolution of thought.

The world is one of influence. We try to influence people through our bodies, virtues, intellect and spirituality and vice versa. For example a man comes who is well learned, has a beautiful language and speaks to you for hours but does not make an impression and on the other hand their comes another man who speaks a few words, not well arranged with grammatical mistakes but leaves an impression. This happens a lot of time and all of us have experienced this. So it is evident that words alone cannot always produce an impression, there are other contributing factors. Words and thoughts contribute a small part in making an impression, other parts being the man himself and the persona of the character, these all taken together makes an impression. All the great leaders in the past had all these things. How many thoughts have they thought? And may be we still are thinking the same thoughts. The real thoughts, new and genuine that have been thought in this world up to this time, amount to only a handful. The people before us have left us their thoughts in their writings or in those ethereal vibrations. They have left us their thoughts but they might not be so influential. Why?  The reason I can thought of is that the personality has gone now. The words and thoughts contribute only a small part may be one-third and the two-third being contributed by the personality of the man that runs through someone to make an impression. There is no use polishing the outside of the lamp shade when the light bulb inside does not work. In the same way there is no use making one spread the inner light to the world outside, when there is no inner enlightenment. The man of influence put upon anything can make it work. The problem being that these kinds of men are hard to find. But we can make ourselves like this, by fine tuning our own personalities. Try to make difference to the life, take out the ideas from your intellect, don’t just touch life, live it and feel it and make the best out of it. Fine tune it to leave an example for generations to come. Don’t wait for an example to be set, be an example yourself. Don’t consider yourself weak, if you do so then think about this that every weak thing contributes to every strong thing. For example a brick is considered not that strong but it can hurt you or when put in a building can protect from the extreme weather. We may be on the thicker side of intellect right now but keep tapering the rough edges to make it finer and finer to be the finest.


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