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Saturday, March 27, 2010

I'm loosing my friends

Recent events in my life have thrust me into evaluating what the word friend means to me.  I’ve had few friends in my life. The word friend is totally different from the friendly acquaintance. The friendly acquaintances are those who know something about us and litter our lives with phrases like “How are you today?” or “How is the weather today?”  They are nice to be around but cannot fulfill a place of a friend. I realize that some friends in our life are for reason and others for a season. Some of our best friends come from the animal kingdom especially dogs.
A friend is a hard word to define just like love and varies from person to person. According to me a friend is one who honor’s you and likewise you honor him. A friend should have your back even when you aren’t looking and would never know. He/she should know the strengths and weaknesses and help you when one or the other becomes out of balance. When you fuckup big time, a friend, without making excuses for you or helping you point a finger in different directions helps you through it. A friend is one who was there when you first got drunk. He/she was there to hear all about your first crush. I’ve been blessed with very few but good friends, whom I don’t see or talk to very often but they are all unique and important in their own way,. Have I been a real friend that I could have been, I doubt it, but I aspire to be one.
True friendship is hard work. Both have to put in the effort to keep it thriving but it’s worth it. Friends are people you are most comfortable with. They are loyal to the bone and they long ago earned your trust with their constant support and understanding. I know people who are everyone’s friend. I am a friendly acquaintance to everyone I meet, but I have few people who are close to me. Recently may be one less. So I’m trying to figure it out, may be its my definition of friendship, may be I expect too much……………..but I cannot lower the bar, no matter if I’m lonely one day with just friendly acquaintances around me.


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  1. Well what to say you said it all already.........n the part abt yourself for that i can just say dont think so deep that u get confused between reality n dreams.....u always have been n will be the best person around n dont know much but ull never be alone that much i can say........u provide HOPE n INSPIRATION to every one around you n u say you dought ur own decisions .....well Buddy THINK AGAIN.....you might be mistaken.....Just Chill Out n Relax....PEACE...........