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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Into the heaven of freedom : India

Today we celebrate the Independence day of this great nation of ours. On this occasion I feel proud and extend my greetings to my fellow citizens and pray for peace, progress and prosperity. 63 years ago on this very day at the stroke of midnight we attained freedom from colonial rule and we became masters of our own destiny marking the end of the struggle for home rule and I take this moment to bow to all those who gave their lives to give us this today, an Independent India. Since then 6 decades have gone by and I can assure all you pure souls up their that we have just moved forward as a whole nation on the path of building a strong, united and prosperous India.
All in all the time has been momentous for us, despite the internal and external forces trying to tear this nation apart, we've been holding strong and have kept the flame of democracy alive. India is today looked upon as the largest and most vibrant democracy in the world. In recent years India has been well known the world over for adapting a more liberal and modern approach to life keeping our invaluable cultural and traditional values intact. We are a huge country and I know that we are a long way from eradicating our problems of poverty, illiteracy and health issues, but we can work collectively, then only these problems can be dealt with and also this will make us realize what a strength we are.We are a symbol of strength and resilience which comes from the unity of our diverse culture, languages and religions. We are provided with stability in the form of Indian constitution which not only provides us fundamental rights and freedoms but also lay down fundamental duties. Often we are vocal about our rights but we often tend to forget our other duties, towards the country, society and family of which we can ignore none and at the same time we must act responsibly to make this nations of ours rise above all. Great nations are built with the contribution and hard work of one and all. So do your bit. Proud to be an Indian.